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Human research ethics

On 1 February 2007 the University of Newcastle introduced new processes for human research requiring ethics approval. The new process involves ranking applications using one of three assessment levels based on the risk to participants posed by research. Two of the levels provide for expedited review of applications. Further details of the new HRE approval process, including application forms and guidelines can be found at the Human Research Ethics web site

The Faculty, as required by Senate, has established a Faculty Ethics Methodology Peer Review Committee as a sub-committee of the Faculty Research and Research Training Committee. The sub-committee is responsible for overseeing and auditing the ethics peer review of methodology processes within the Faculty, ensuring they operate effectively and efficiently within the guidelines of the University.

Ethics Peer Review of Methodology

A peer review of ethics applications is required prior to submission for ethics approval. Applicants are required to contact the relevant member of the FEMPRC, who will nominate an appropriate person to peer review the research methodology of the ethics application.

Information about the process and the FSCIT G2+Form you will need to complete is available on the Faculty staff and RHD student Blackboard sites.