Occupational Therapy Resources

Each step below contains useful resources - videos, website links, PDFs and audio files. The resources are beneficial for each step of the process of students developing into professional occupational therapy practitioners.

These steps follow the Occupational Therapy Practice Process (OTPP) model devised by UON researchers Carol Hills, Professor Susan Ryan, Kim Nguyen, Catherine Studdert and Paul Sijpkes in collaboration with partners Carol Mckinstry (LaTrobe University), Matthew Yau (James Cook University) and Michael Curtin (Charles Sturt University).

The OTPP - Occupational Therapy Practice Process (2012):

OTPP model 14_9

STEP 2 - INFORMATION GATHERING: In the Paediatric Settingstep 2 10:30
STEP 2 - INFORMATION GATHERING: In the Community Mental Health Settingstep 3 mental health 13:57
Cultural Safety Definitions and Links (PDF, 303KB) 

Useful Links:

Mental Health 4 Occupational Therapists Website

This video about depression is on the front page of the WHO YouTube channel.

World Health Organisation (WHO) YouTube Videos on Disability: 'What's Disability to Me?'

Follow this link and type 'What's Disability to Me?' into the channel search bar to see a range of videos with individual stories about disability. You can follow the links below to see some of these stories.

Below is a link to another video on the Sunday News website about dementia:

'New Hope for Dementia Suffers and Their Families'

STEP 7 - EVALUATION: Evaluation Outcomes                                                                  step 7 30:34
Example: Checklist - Evaluating Intervention (PDF, 240KB) 
Mental Health 4 Occupational Therapists Website