English Language Courses

What is English Language Bridging?

English Language Bridging is designed to enable international students to develop their English language skills for a variety of purposes.

Perhaps you need to improve your English language skills to enter a degree program at the University of Newcastle? Maybe you would like to improve your English skills to boost your career? We offer a range of courses to suit varying levels of English language proficiency.

All English Language Bridging courses prepare students for further study at the University of Newcastle. Our classes are available face to face at our Callaghan campus in Newcastle.

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English Language Bridging courses and levels

Study hours

The University of Newcastle English Language Pathways offer 20 hours of class per week.

Students are expected to attend classes for 4 hours each weekday, maintain attendance above 80% and satisfy our Progress Policy.

English Language Bridging Program (ELBP)

Course placement for the ELBP is determined by a student's current English language proficiency. Upon application, students are able to submit evidence of a valid proficiency test result. In lieu of this, we are able to provide an English Language Pathways placement test for this purpose to be completed online, under test conditions, prior to arrival.

Students wishing to go on to further studies will need to satisfactorily pass:

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