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About community services

A degree in community services allows you to understand, predict, explain and nurture human behaviour. You will learn to use your skills to improve all aspects of society. Your study will include areas such as citizenship, infrastructure, the environment, the economy, social justice and mental health.

Community services has a range of study options that will start you on a life-altering journey to help make the world a better place.

Why study community services at UON?

  • One-of-a-kind programs will provide you with unique skills like Development Studies which is the only in Australia to include Economics and Aboriginal Studies as core courses
  • Be work ready with 1,000+ hours of work experience across a range of industries. Our graduates from this area enjoy an 88%+ employment rate.
  • Get hands on industry experience - Our Law on the Beach program for Social Work students. You'll also learn from industry professionals through shadowing and guest lectures.
  • Volunteer and build international experience with a range of global volunteering opportunities and international placements.
  • Strong job growth in Australia with continued above average employment forecasted for social workers.
Video: Irini is enabling positive social change through community services.
229,400 ? new jobs in Community Services and Health sectors by 2018
$50.6 billion ? government investment in the Community Services sector
World top 150 ? for sociology
World top 150 ? for psychology
Top 3 in Australia ? for cognitive sciences

Undergraduate community services degrees

We understand that sometimes you don't know exactly which degree you'd like to pursue, particularly in a diverse area like community and human services. You might, however, know which field excites you. Use these areas of interest to narrow down your study options based on your interests and career goals.

All degrees

Degree name Selection rank
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Development Studies
Bachelor of Development Studies (Honours)
Bachelor of Development Studies / Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
Bachelor of Global Indigenous Studies
Bachelor of Psychological Science
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
Bachelor of Social Science
Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

Aged care

Aged care involves learning how to work with, and advocate for, older people and assisting them to navigate the evolving health services environment. As Australia’s population ages, the demand for aged care workers is expected to increase. A career in this industry can be enriching and extremely rewarding.

Career examples

  • Community Worker
  • Care Manager
  • Home Care Worker
  • Residential Team Leader


  1. Bachelor of Nursing
  2. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
  3. Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

Community welfare

Community welfare is about the study and creation of programs and initiatives that provide income, service or other support for disadvantaged people such as the poor, elderly, disabled, students, refugees and other underprivileged groups. You learn how to act as a key advocate for their rights and help lobby for change. This area may be challenging but the difference community welfare experts make is enormous.

Career examples

  • Policy Analyst
  • Community Development Officer
  • Migrant Support Officer
  • Youth Worker


  1. Bachelor of Global Indigenous Studies (major in Human Services)
  2. Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) (major in Community Welfare and Human Resources or Criminology)


Globalisation is a process of interaction between people, companies and governments of different nations. This process is commonly driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. Professionals in this area have a global outlook and a strong understanding of economics, social justice and politics.

Career examples

  • Aid Worker
  • Foreign Affairs and Trade Officer
  • Development Worker
  • Policy Analyst


  1. Bachelor of Business (major in International Business or Governance, Policy and Political Economy)
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (major in Economics)
  3. Bachelor of Development Studies (major in Globalisation and Economic Development)
  4. Bachelor of Arts (major in Politics and International Relations)
  5. Bachelor of Social Science (major in Politics and International Relations)

Social science

Social Science is the study of social relationships, structures and issues. Learn how to craft strategies and solutions to various social challenges, understand different cultures and areas of sensitivity, and develop ethical awareness while learning about the constructs that make the world go round. With 11 diverse areas of study, you are able to pursue what interests you by specialising in your chosen field.

Career examples

  • Social Researcher
  • Case Manager/Worker
  • Health Promotion Officer
  • Foreign Affairs and Trade Officer


  1. Bachelor of Social Science

Social work

In a Social work degree, you will learn about supporting and resolving personal and social relationship issues between individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities. Social workers maintain a dual focus on both assisting with wellbeing as well as identifying external issues that may impact this wellbeing. There is a strong demand for qualified social workers and job opportunities are broad and incredibly rewarding.

Career examples

  • Case Manager
  • Child Protection Officer
  • Community Development Worker
  • Social Worker


  1. Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)


Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour, the human brain and its effect on the way we act and why. In this field you’ll learn about human behaviour, and the skills and strategies to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Career opportunities are broad and varied and understanding human behaviour is a definite advantage in any industry.

Career examples

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Counsellor
  • Mental Health Clinician
  • Welfare Officer


  1. Bachelor of Psychological Science
  2. Bachelor of Arts (major in Psychology Studies)
  3. Bachelor of Science (major in Psychology Studies)
  4. Bachelor of Social Science (major in Psychology)

Urban and regional development

This area is about studying development at a local, national and international level. Your learning focuses on making economic and social transformations in our communities. You could focus on infrastructure, services and planning or social issues like gentrification and urban sprawl.

Career examples

  • Cultural Development Officer
  • Town Planner/Urban Designer
  • Transport Geographer
  • Demographer


  1. Bachelor of Development Studies (major in Urban and Regional Development)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (major in Human Geography and the Environment)
  3. Bachelor of Science (major in Human Geography and the Environment)
  4. Bachelor of Social Science (major in Geography)
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