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News • 29 May 2020

Could housing cooperatives be an affordable solution to Australia’s growing housing crisis?

A project investigating the benefits of housing cooperatives in Australia will receive a boost, with the help of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project worth over $590,000.

Dr Marcus Rodrigs

News • 26 May 2020

Dr Marcus Rodrigs Nominated for Thought Leader of the Year

Newcastle Business School academic nominated for prestigious industry award.

News • 19 May 2020

Researchers map emerging disadvantage in Australia due to COVID-19 job loss

A new report reveals the areas that are most at risk of COVID-19 related job loss, with researchers pinpointing more than 100 locations of emerging disadvantage in Australia.

David Savage

News • 29 Apr 2020

Dr David Savage discusses 'panic buying'

Stocking up to prepare for a crisis isn’t ‘panic buying’. It’s actually a pretty rational choice.

David Savage

News • 29 Apr 2020

Behavioural economist Dr David Savage wants to hand out immunity certificates

Dr David Savage on the potential for COVID-19 immune individuals to be a valuable resource in combating the virus.


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