The University of Newcastle, Australia

Our people

Across Australia and internationally, the Faculty of Science employs over 650 committed and valued educators, researchers, technicians and practitioners. Our people are globally connected and world leaders in their fields of endeavour.

Our differences in discipline, expertise, passions and experience mean that we have many strengths and some of the planet’s brightest minds working together to overcome the challenges of our time.

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Our leadership team

Professor Lee Smith

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Science
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Warwick - England

The Pro Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the leadership and management of the Faculty of Science, and makes strategic decisions that affect the University and its standing in the international community.

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Juanita Todd

Acting Deputy Head of Faculty

The Deputy Head strategically supports the academic leadership and operational management of the Faculty.

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Debbie Delbridge

Associate Director Faculty Services

The Associate Director Faculty Services is responsible for the delivery of administrative support to the Faculty, Schools and Research Centres, including ongoing process improvement and ensuring fit-for-purpose service for our leaders and staff.

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