Specifications and Standards

Electrical Standard Specifications

UON Electrical Standard specifications cover the general requirements applicable to the design, manufacture, performance and delivery of various aspects of the site electrical system.

It is not the intention to specify details of design and construction except where necessary to establish performance requirements, nor is it the intention to set forth those performance requirements which are adequately specified by the applicable Standards.


UON-ESS-100 UON Specification Index

1.1Sept 2016

UON-ESS-101 General Electrical Specification

1.3Jan 2020

UON-ESS-102 Distribution Board Specification

1.2Jan 2020

UON-ESS-103 Exterior Lighting Specification

1.1Jan 2020

UON-ESS-104 Emergency Escape Lighting and Illuminated Exit Signage

1.2Jan 2019

UON-ESS-105 Electrical Preferred Equipment List

1.3Jan 2020

UON-ESS-106 Generators and Emergency Power Supplies

1.2Jan 2020

UON-ESS-109 Supply and Installation of Photo Voltaic Array

1Feb 2019

UON-ESS-111 Interior Lighting and Control

1.2Jan 2020

UON-ESS-112 Main Switchboard Specification

1.2Jan 2020

UON-ESS-113 High Voltage Substation Specification

2.1Jan 2020