Academic integrity

Five values are fundamental to the business of the University and form the basis of academic integrity: Academic integrity

  • honesty
  • fairness
  • trust
  • responsibility
  • respect

All members of the University community are required to uphold these values and comply with the code of conduct (PDF, 211KB) in all of their activities.

To preserve the quality of learning, the University may impose severe sanctions on activities that undermine academic integrity.

There are two major categories of academic dishonesty:

Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

All new undergraduate, postgraduate, research and non-award program students need to complete the University's Academic Integrity Module (AIM). This is an online test that is available through UONline.

AIM must be completed before the end of a student's first enrolment period (trimester, semester or block). Successful completion will be automatically recorded against their academic record in NUSTAR. If they do not complete AIM in the designated time frame, they will not be able to re-enrol, view grades or transcripts, or graduate.

For more information view the guide on academic integrity information (PDF, 408KB).

Student Academic Conduct Officers

Student Academic Conduct Officers (SACOs) provide teaching staff with the support required to ensure transparency and consistency for both students and staff in determining key standards in academic literacy and ethics. SACOs are guided by the provisions of the Student Academic Integrity Policy and Student Conduct Rule.

The role of the SACO is to support and maintain academic standards when misconduct is suspected. Communication between the SACOs contributes to consistency in approach to academic integrity across the University.


Turnitin is the University's text matching software. This academic support tool gives students and staff the ability to submit assignments and view an originality report.

Turnitin compares papers against:

  • information on the internet
  • papers submitted to Turnitin by other students
  • proquest online journal collection databases

It doesn't match text against subscription based academic journals or textbooks unless they are already included in the Turnitin database.

It is a condition of enrolment that students accept that electronic text-matching software may be used to check their work. Staff need to set up a link to for each Turnitin assignment in Blackboard so students are able to pre-submit their work and make revisions based on the originality report.

How do I set up a Turnitin assignment?

Please note that originality reports generated by Turnitin should be interpreted by the assessor. Judgement about whether or not plagiarism has occurred can't be based solely on the percentage of matching text that is found.

For further information on the University policy on academic integrity, please refer to the Student Academic Integrity Policy.