Campus Care

Our Campus Care program provides information, advice and support in managing inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviours in a safe and confidential environment.

Campus Care seeks to create a safe environment for staff, students and visitors at UON. We provide support at all stages of responding to complex and sensitive situations.

Reporting concerning behaviour

The University of Newcastle takes all concerns of inappropriate, concerning or worrying behaviours seriously. This secure online form provides an avenue for students and staff to report instances of this concerning behaviour. It contains questions to obtain specific information about the concerns so that we can provide support and, where requested, manage reports in line with the UON Policies and procedures.

Please note that information included in this report is confidential. In exceptional circumstances, where there is serious risk of harm, we may be required to provide some information to others. Please be assured that should this be necessary we aim to do this in consultation with you or the person of concern. You may attach files to this incident report. Please do not upload audio as it may breach the NSW surveillance act.

If you would prefer to make a report in person please contact UON Campus Care via email or phone on (02) 4921 8600.

Information and support relating to sexually based assault or harassment

The University of Newcastle (UON) takes all allegations of misconduct seriously – including allegations of sexually based assault and harassment. UON will not tolerate behaviour that compromises the safety and wellbeing of staff or students.

Read more about information and support relating to sexually based assault or harassment.

When to contact Campus Care

Campus Care is not an emergency service. All emergencies should be reported to Security immediately. Phone 4921 5888 or 000 if you are in immediate danger.

Please contact Campus Care on 4921 8600 or email if you experience any of the following:

  • Feel threatened or unsafe
  • Have concerns about someone else's behaviour or well-being
  • Have received unwanted attention
  • Are worried about someone harming themselves or someone else
  • Have experienced sexually based assault or harassment

Our aims are to:
  • Identify potential concerns early
  • Minimise the impact of mental illness and psychological distress
  • Ensure appropriate and timely referral to clinical services
  • Reduce the stigma of mental illness and promote a University culture that supports individuals and those with concerns about peers and colleagues
  • Reduce the incidence of serious incidents
  • Our staff will investigate all reports and liaise with relevant services both within and outside the University adhering to privacy laws and University policy.

Campus Care is a best practice initiative and has close links with the Tertiary Education Safer Community Network in Victoria.

Concerning Behaviour Advice and Contacts:

For support and advice outside of business hours you can contact the UON After-hours Crisis Support Line - Ph: 1300 653 007; SMS: 0488 884 165., operates 5pm-9am weekdays, 24 hours on weekends and public holidays.


What is the process if Campus Care has been contacted as a result of my behaviour?

If a student or staff member has contacted Campus Care about a matter which involves you, it means they have sought advice about how to deal with this issue. Depending on what the issue is, Campus Care will work with the complainant and direct them to one of UoN's support services to implement a plan. The support services or your supervisor may involve you at some point if a change in your behaviour is required.