Reputation, brand and communication

The University of Newcastle has a reputation as a research intensive university, ranked among the best in the world. We place a high priority on building a widely recognised brand that consistently reflects our values, aspirations and achievements.

A reputation we all own

At the University of Newcastle, we take our reputation very seriously. In a relatively short timeframe, we have earned recognition for our achievements in research, innovation, equity and excellence.

Building on these foundations, our strategic direction and vision for 2025 outline how we plan to develop and grow our reputation internationally, nationally and locally.

Every member of staff and every student is a University of Newcastle ambassador with a stake in our reputation. Outstanding people and performance are at the core of the University's reputation - just as a highly regarded University will be a foundation of your professional reputation.

Our brand identity

This is an exciting time for the University of Newcastle brand as we leverage our strong foundations to consolidate our position of leadership, prestige and quality. Our brand supports our Strategic Plan and 2025 Vision and reflects attributes such as quality, world-class and international focus.

The University's brand is present in all our communications and marketing activities - from our online presence and publications produced across the University to events around the globe. Our brand is communicated in the way we look, the words we use and the places we appear. Consistent, targeted activities are critical to the growth of our brand and to securing our place among the world's best.

Marketing and Public Relations is responsible for managing and implementing the University brand and visual identity across the full suite of marketing and communications materials.

Understanding our audiences

As the volume of information around us grows, it is more important than ever to say focused on who we are trying to communicate with.

Our University speaks to a wide range of audiences, all with very different interests and needs.

Communications and marketing activities targeting our external audiences, staff and students are delivered by the area of the organisation with the best understanding of their specific needs (with support from Marketing and Public Relations).