Leadership at UON

Under the governance and strategic leadership of our Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, supported by the Council and Executive Committee, the UON workforce of academic and professional staff are working toward the realisation of our 2025 vision and the NeW Futures Strategic Plan.

The University of Newcastle stands as a global leader distinguished by a commitment to equity and excellence and to creating a better future for its regions through a focus on innovation and impact.

2025 Vision, NeW Futures Strategic Plan 2016-25

What does leadership look like?

Leaders understand the environment in which we operate, they think big and they act strategically. Most importantly, they envision success for themselves, those around them and for the institution as a whole.

At our University, we value leadership at all levels. We encourage and support our emerging leaders to acquire, develop and practice their leadership skills - making a valuable investment in their own development and the University's future.

Leadership capabilities

Leadership capabilities