Respectful and collaborative workplace

At UON, we value and celebrate diversity and provide a safe and respectful environment for our staff and students.

UON promotes the early identification, intervention and management of conflict and concerns at a local level. We have updated our Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy, to undertake a range of developmental activities to ensure that UON continues to build a respectful and collaborative workplace.

We can achieve a positive workplace culture by encouraging and empowering you to proactively manage your relationships in the workplace and resolve workplace concerns and conflicts as early as possible. In the event of bullying or a conflict, we encourage you to use the resources available to you for reporting an issue where you will find information on how we can support you throughout the resolution process. Together, we will achieve a culture that does not tolerate bullying or harassment.

The Resolving Workplace Concerns and Conflict Procedure (PDF 216KB) has been developed to ensure that issues are dealt with when they first occur, rather than leaving them to potentially escalate to a complaint and become more complex to resolve.

University supervisors, managers and leaders who manage staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with resources developed to assist you, via the Conflict Resolution page.