China is now the world's dominant economic power, Australia's number one trading partner and our fastest growing inbound tourist market.


Confucius Institute

Welcome to the Confucius Institute at the University of Newcastle.

On the eve of the Asian Century, the Confucius Institute is working to strengthen the vital links between Australia and China – the fastest growing economy in the world. As part of the University's International and Advancement Division, the Confucius Institute plays a major role in developing the University's capacity, and that of its stakeholder's and its communities', to effectively engage with the Asian Century.

Working with our business, government, educational and community partners to develop Australia's knowledge and understanding of China, the Confucius Institute is focused on strengthening our educational and cultural exchange and cooperation with China and enhancing our institutional and research links to Asia.


2015 Principals' Tour to China

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We are inviting ten principals/deputy principals of private or independent schools in Newcastle and the Hunter region to join us in the Principals' Tour to China in September 2015.

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