ARCS provides support for a number of non-standard software packages

Non-standard software

In most cases software licensing and installation is managed by 17triplezero IT Service Desk.

Software packages that are not included in our Managed Operating Environment (MOE), and relevant to certain specialist areas, are managed by ARCS.

Software managed by Arcs includes

View the list of software support information for ARCS software (XLS 44 KB).

Please note: This list is incomplete and currently updated on a monthly basis. Please contact 17triplezero IT Service Desk to discuss issues of licences and installation.

Intel & Portland (AMD) compilers for Linux

The University of Newcastle has a flexlm campus licence of the following compilers:

 - Intel (Intel 32 bit and 64 bit)
 - Portland Group (AMD 32 bit and 64 bit)

These compilers support the languages C, C++, Fortran77 and Fortran90.

The licencing allows the compiler software to be installed on multiple Linux machines but when the compiler is used, the flexlm server is contacted to see if the licence is available. 

For further inquiries about these products please contact the 17triplezero IT Service Desk on (02) 492 17000.



The University of Newcastle has a campus site licence for Matlab. This licence allows all staff/postgraduate and undergraduate students to run Matlab on all computers owned by the University of Newcastle.

A student site licence is available for UoN students to download the software onto personally owned computers. This licence requires annual renewal on 1st August each year.

View download instructions.

Our site licence includes the following Matlab toolboxes:

MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox Signal Processing Blockset
Simulink Instrument Control Toolbox Signal Processing Toolbox
Bioinformatics Toolbox Link for Analog Devices VisualDSP SimBiology
Communications Blockset Link for Code SimEvents
Communications Toolbox Composer Studio SimMechanics
Control System Toolbox MATLAB Builder for .NET SimPowerSystems
Curve Fitting Toolbox MATLAB Builder for Excel Simscape
Data Acquisition Toolbox MATLAB Builder for Java Simulink Control  Design  
Distributed Computing Toolbox MATLAB Compiler Spline Toolbox
Excel Link Mapping Toolbox Stateflow
Financial Derivatives Toolbox Model Predictive Control Toolbox  Statistics Toolbox
Financial Toolbox Neural Network Toolbox System Identification Toolbox
Fixed-Income Toolbox Optimization Toolbox Target for TI C6000
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Video and Image Processing Blockset
GARCH Toolbox Real-Time Workshop Virtual Reality Toolbox
Gauges Blockset Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder Wavelet Toolbox
Image Acquisition Toolbox Robust Control Toolbox xPC Target

The University also has a site licence for the Matlab distributed compute engine (8 nodes). This software is currently installed on the Microsoft Compute Cluster.