Information regarding NHMRC Research Grants for University of Newcastle Researchers

NHMRC Grants

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Grant Schemes

NHMRC Schemes Calendar

Open Schemes

Scheme NOI  (internal) NHMRC Opens Minimum Data RequirementFull Compliance and Eligibility Review Deadline (internal) Closing Date (internal) NHMRC Submission
NHMRC Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres   16 September23 September30 September
Dementia Research Team Grants 8 August 201424 September25 September1 October8 October

Closed Schemes

Scheme NOI (internal) NHMRC Opened Full Compliance and Eligibility Review Deadline (Internal) Closing Date (Internal) NHMRC Submission
Targeted Call - Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder N/A 14 December 27 March 3 April 10 April
Partnership Projects
2013 first call
N/A 30 January 16 April 23 April 30 April
Postgraduate ScholarshipsN/A1 May19 June26 June3 July
NHMRC‐European Union Collaborative Research GrantsN/A30 January19 June26 June3 July
Development Grants N/A 10 April 26 June 3 July 10 July
Partnership Centre: Primary Care SchemeN/A 15 July18 July24 July
Partnership Projects
2013 second call
N/A1 May23 July29 July31 July

Mental Health Targeted Call for Research: Suicide Prevention in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth

N/A26 June10:00 am 10 October10:00 am 17 October23 October
Partnership Projects
2013 third call
N/A1 August10:00 am 5 November10:00 am 12 November19 November
Centres of Research Excellence in Type 1 Diabetes - Letter of IntentN/A  10:00am 18 October 2013Applicants will need to submit Letter of Intent (LOI) to the JDRF
by Friday 25 October 2013.
Research FellowshipN/A4 December 20133 January 201417 January 201429 January 2014
Practitioner FellowshipN/A11 December 20138 January 201422 January 20145 February 2014
Centres of Research ExcellencePlease inform Research Office of intent to apply4 December 201310:00am 22 January 201410:00am 5 February 201419 February 2014
Project Grants 4 December 20135 February 201419 February 20145 March 2014
Career Development Fellowships 22 January 201419 February 20145 March 201419 March 2014
Early Career Fellowships 19 February 20141 April 201423 April 201429 April 2014
TRIP Fellowships 26 February 20149 April 201423 April 20147 May 2014
Program Grants 12 March 20147 May 201421 May 20144 June 2014
Partnership projects - 2014 1st Call 19 March 201410 June 201417 June 201424 June 2014
Development Grants 26 March 201428 May 201411 June 201425 June 2014
Postgraduate Scholarships 30 April 201428 May 201411 June 201425 June 2014
NHMRC - European Collaborative Research Grants 29 January 20144 June 201418 June 20142 July 2014
Partnership projects - 2014 2nd Call 25 June 20146 August 201413 August 201420 August 2014

*These dates apply to all other funding agencies that partner with the project grant scheme such as Cancer Australia, the Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation.

You can also download a Schemes Calendar (PDF 94 KB).


The Research Grants Management System (RGMS) is NHMRC's online system for lodging grant applications, managing the assessment of applications and managing grants once they are awarded.

RGMS has replaced Informed-Filler and NHMRC's former grants management system, Research Management Information System (RMIS).

Researchers use RGMS to lodge applications for all NHMRC funding schemes, except the NHMRC European Union Collaborative Health Research Grants.

Researchers who hold NHMRC grants will be able to manage their grants online using RGMS. All researchers involved in NHMRC's peer-review processes will also do this through RGMS.

Researchers need to populate the 'Profile' and 'CV' sections within RGMS and ensure it is kept up-to-date. RGMS automatically extracts relevant information into research funding applications and the CV can also be exported for other uses.

Access to RGMS is via the NHMRC website.