Global leaders driving world-class innovation

Ranked Australia’s number one young university by two independent, global ranking bodies, the University of Newcastle has a reputation built on high quality performance in research and academic excellence. Join us in reviewing some of 2014’s research and innovation highlights.


Our research has a global focus

The University of Newcastle is known for outstanding success in research.

Ranked in the top 3 per cent of the world's universities*, we are achieving research outcomes and excellence that registers on the global stage through collaboration with research peers, industry and the community.

Our researchers lead the world in fields as diverse as geotechnical science, engineering, energy and resources, education, English language and literature, geography, linguistics, sociology, reproductive biology, plant biology, applied mathematics, and health and medical sciences.

  • Top 3% of universities in the world 1
  • No.1 university in Australia under 50 years of age 2
  • 5 Stars QS Stars overall maximum rating of five stars 3
1. Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014 and QS World University Rankings 2014
  2. QS ‘Top 50 under 50’ 2014
  3. Hobson’s Good Universities Guide 2015 (socio-economic equity and generic skills)

Research and innovation highlights

The University of Newcastle has a reputation built on high quality performance in health and medicine, science and engineering, and energy and the environment. Our research in humanities and the creative arts is on a rapid and upward trajectory and we are a leader in Indigenous education and research. This has attracted some of the very best researchers in the world, providing an important platform for the development of critical mass and future growth of these key research fields.

Our researchers are also solving some of the world's biggest challenges, from population growth and the obesity epidemic to building a cleaner future and bringing species back from extinction. Join us in reviewing some of 2013's research and innovation highlights.

We collaborate with industry.
We're solutions focused and we listen.

The University of Newcastle understands the importance of collaboration. We pride ourselves on strong industry partnerships that offer real solutions for businesses both locally and internationally. Quite simply, it’s about turning research into commercial value. Meet our researchers collaborating with industry

Research and Innovation Clusters:
Partnering with Business and Industry

Our hubs and clusters are collaborative cross-disciplinary research networks uniting our expertise and driving knowledge exchange. These forums operate across fields as diverse as Defence, Food, Global eHealth and Creative Industries, delivering innovative solutions for our community, business, industry and government partners. Learn more about our research and innovation clusters >

Our researchers are global leaders in their field.

We are a research-intensive institution with an exceptional record of achievement. Our researchers collaborate with peers internationally, addressing issues that have far-reaching impact. With leaders in fields such as medical research, engineering and energy and the environment, we push the boundaries to develop outcomes that have global significance. Meet our researchers

JOIN The NEXT GENERATION of world-class researchers

If you are a high achieving student with an analytical mind and an intrinsic desire for problem solving, a PhD and Research Masters could be the foundation of your exciting career in research. Our leadership in research and innovation is internationally recognised and resonates through all our disciplines.

Delivering solutions for the
community - and the world.

Our research is grounded by real-world solutions that can be seen in our own communities. From developing programs that tackle obesity, to effective energy capture keeping council pools warm year-round - the fundamentals not only benefit our local communities, but can be equally applied on a world scale. Meet our researchers achieving real outcomes for the community

Institutes and centres
of excellence

Success in research that has significant impact on society and produces economic growth comes from collaborative ventures. We recognise that this can be achieved via multi-disciplinary collaboration with our research institutes as well as through commercialisation. Learn more about how our industry partnerships are translating knowledge into value