Wireless or wired. You can access the University network either way

Wireless or wired

You can access the University's network and services three ways:

  • connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone via our wireless network
  • connect your own laptop via cable
  • login to a computer located in one of our general access areas

Wireless access

You can connect to our wireless network within most buildings across our campuses, or you can enjoy the sunshine and connect in one of our many outdoor hotspot areas.

If your laptop is not compatible with the University network, access to computer facilities is provided in general access areas on campus.

Common wireless devices will connect successfully using the following instructions.

  1. Open the WiFi settings on your device.
  2. Select the newcastle.edu.au option. Select CONNECT.
  3. Students: enter your Student-ID and myHub password (eg. c1234567)
    Staff: enter your Uni-ID and Internet password (eg. abc123)
  4. Select OK.
  5. After a few seconds, the status will show as connected.

Now, whenever you are within range of our wireless network, your device will automatically connect.

If you need more help please see the step by step instructions.

Step by step instructions by operating system

  • iOS (PDF, 345KB)
Configuring unsupported devices

Users who wish to connect a device to the University wireless network that is NOT supported or documented, may use the following configuration details. These details are provided without any support and the University accepts no responsibility for their use.

Network Name or SSID Authentication
newcastle.edu.au Security type: WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption type: AES
Use your UNI-ID and password
Students: c1234567 and myHub password
Staff: abc123 and Internet password
eduroam Security type: WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption type: AES
Use your username as UNI-ID@newcastle.edu.au and your password
Students: c1234567@newcastle.edu.au
Staff: abc123@newcastle.edu.au

Wired access

You can connect to the University wired network to access University systems, learning resources and the Internet.

Login to a computer located in one of our general access areas, or connect your own laptop via a cable - bring your own or use one of ours in the designated areas in the student hubs.


During the latter half of 2015, IT Services is undertaking a staged infrastructure upgrade to our wired network. This will be managed on a building by building basis.

If you bring your own computer on campus and connect to the University's wired network, access to the Internet will be interrupted UNTIL you manually configure your computer to the upgrade settings. 

Follow the step by step instructions for your operating system.

The table below lists the buildings that have been upgraded. If you are trying to connect to the wired network in these buildings after the nominated date, your computer will need reconfiguring.

Saturday 12 December 2015Auchmuty Library (L)
Saturday 5 December 2015Ourimbah Information Resource Centre (IRC)
Saturday 28 November 2015Hunter - Huxley (H)
Friday 6 November 2015Life Science (LS)
Life Science Theatre (LSTH) 
Friday 30 October 2015Language Centre (LC)
Friday 23 October 2015University Club - Isabellas (SH)
University Union Shortland (US) 
Friday 16 October 2015Industry and Development Centre (IDC)
Ourimbah Multi Purpose (MP) 
Saturday 10 October 2015Architecture (A)
Friday 9 October 2015Drama Building (DB)
Drama Studio (DS)
Drama Theatre (DT)
Behavioural Science (W) 
Friday 2 October 2015Bike Hub West (BHW)
McMullin Building (MC)
McMullin Theatre (MCTH) 
Friday 25 September 2015Hunter Building (H)
Monday 21 September 2015Great Hall (GH)
Friday 18 September 2015Earth Sciences (G)
Science Theatre (STH)
Monday 14 September 2015Health & Physical Education (HPE)
Sports and Aquatic Centre (The Forum) (SCH)
Friday 4 September 2015Chancellery (CH)
Friday 28 August 2015NUSA (AE)
Commonwealth Bank (CB)
University Union Hunter (UH)
Friday 21 August 2015Advanced Technology Centre (ATC)
Tuesday 18 August 2015Student Services Building (SC)
Friday 14 August 2015Richardson Wing (RW)
Advanced Technology Centre (ATC)
Central Animal House (AN)
Academic Office Block (AOB)
Sports Pavilion/Squash (SP)
Station Buildings (ST)
Teaching Centre (TC)
Wednesday 12 August 2015Facilities Management (SER)
Friday 7 August 2015Bowman Building (BB)
Bike Hub East (BHE)
Friday 24 July 2015Special Education (SE)
Ceramics (CE)
Gallery Studio (GS)
Art (AT)
Birabahn (SAS)
Visual Art (VA)
3D Studio (MW)
Sculpture Workshop 1 (SW1)
Thursday 16 July 2015General Purpose (GP) Building
Friday 19 June 2015CT Building

See the connection instructions for your operating system below: