The Legal Office provides independent and objective legal advice to the University

Legal Office

The Legal Office is responsible for the provision of legal services and advice, whether provided internally by legal officers or obtained from external lawyers, to the University of Newcastle and its controlled entities.

The Legal Office provides legal advice and services that take into account the overall interests and business of the University. Often these are broader than, and may conflict with, the specific interests of an individual University staff member or unit concerned.

The objectives of the Legal Office are to:

  • support senior management to achieve the University's strategic objectives, as set out in NewDirections and faculty/division corporate plans;
  • provide legal assistance and support on the University's major projects and initiatives;
  • provide legal assistance and support to the University where a substantial legal risk has been identified;
  • manage disputes with third parties, or disputes that have been referred by students or staff to external regulators; and
  • provide decision makers with education and training so that they may make better decisions about legal risks and how to mitigate those risks in their dealings on behalf of the University.

Request legal advice

The Legal Office Manual provides a comprehensive overview of the role of the Legal Office and the scope of Legal Services. Please review the Legal Office Manual to find out:

  • The Scope of Legal Services
  • When Legal Advice must be sought
  • When Legal Advice is not required
  • Who is authorised to engage the Legal office
  • How to request Legal Advice

Forms & Subpoenas

The University General Counsel is the only staff member authorised to receive subpoenas. Please direct anyone serving a subpoena, or any subpoenas served by mail, to the Legal Office in Room CH259, Chancellery Building, Newcastle campus (Callaghan).

Other assistance

Follow the links below for more information and request assistance from the relevant department or unit before contacting Legal Office.