PhD and research masters

The following research degrees are offered by the Newcastle Law School:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Law)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil Law)

Our research strengths

  • Child law
  • Contract law
  • Corporate governance
  • Criminal law and sentencing
  • Environmental law and climate change law
  • Equal opportunity law
  • Family law
  • Human rights law and international human rights law
  • Labour relations law and international labour relations law
  • Legal profession
  • Occupational health and safety law
  • Tort law

Current Research Candidates




Ann Apps

Why Can't We Co-operate? The Impact of Law and Regulatory Policy on the Development and Growth of Co-operative Enterprise in Australia

Dr Tim Connor and Prof Lisa Toohey

Karen Bowers

Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Best Interest of Claimants in Medical Negligence Matters in NSW

Prof Lisa Toohey and Dr Donna McNamara

Anthony Brown

The Regulation of the Supply and Promotion of Alcohol in New South Wales: Who Calls the Shots?

Prof John Anderson and Associate Prof Julia Quilter

Bethany Butchers

Native Title and Compensation: Phase Two of Australias Native Title Journey

Associate Prof Amy Maguire and Dr Dani Larkin

Sheralee Campbell

Family Violence in the 21st Century: Can a Technological Response
Support Behaviour Change to Improve Victim Outcomes (Gender
Specific and Transgenerational Violence)?

Prof Tania Sourdin and Associate Prof Lynne McCormack

Belinda Charlton

Aboriginal Land Management Practices and the Notion of Custodianship: Identifying Contemporary Legal and Land Management Failures to Mitigate Increasing Natural Hazards, Climate Change and Cultural Disconnection

Dr Elena Aydos and Dr Kevin Sobel-Read

Sushmita Choudhury

Farmers Rights In Bangladesh: Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Regime

Dr Kevin Sobel-Read and Dr Marie Hadley

Amy Elton

Asylum Seekers, Mandatory Detention and Questions of Justice

Associate Prof Amy Maguire, Prof James Jose and Prof John Anderson

Ellen Ferris

A Comparative Analysis of Fiduciary Law's Future: Evolving Relationships and Fusionist Tendencies

Dr Glen Anderson and Prof Tania Sourdin

Mauro Figueredo de Figueiredo

Legal Framework for Resilient and Sustainable Coastal Zones

Dr Joseph Wenta, Prof Tania Sourdin and Dr Elena Aydos

Neil Foster

The Common Law Civil Action for Breach of Statutory Duty: History, Elements and Prospects

Prof Tania Sourdin, Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum and Dr Kcasey McLoughlin

Christie Gardiner

Innovating the Justice System to Promote the Civic Engagement of Older Persons in Jury Service

Prof John Anderson and Prof Lisa Toohey

Janet Grumley

NSW JPs in the 21st Century: The Voice of NSW Justices of the Peace, Reflections on the Experience and Perceptions on that Role

Prof Lisa Toohey and Dr Marie Hadley

Vania Holt

Can Power Be Regulated in a Neoliberal Age? A Best-Practice Model for an Australian Federal Anti-Corruption Commission

Prof John Anderson and Dr Kcasey McLoughlin

Mohammad Saidul Islam

Introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms in the Criminal Justice System of Bangladesh towards Effective Remedy and Equal Access to Justice for All

Dr Bin Li and Prof John Anderson

Hasanthi Kingsley

From Capability to Climate Justice: Analysing Climate Adaptation Policy Measures and Adaptive Capacity in the Global South

Dr Elena Aydos, Associate Prof Amy Maguire and Prof Christopher Kellett

Shaun McCarthy

The Inexorable Expansion of Executive Detention in Australia: The Case for Law Reform

Prof Lisa Toohey and Prof Tania Sourdin

Amrith Nath

Food Security, Farmers Rights and the Governance of Local Knowledge in India: An Equitable Approach

Dr Kevin Sobel-Read, Dr Joseph Wenta and Dr Glen Anderson

Blake Pepper

Implementing Change in a Conservative Australian Legal Context by Assessing the Value of Novel Fiduciary Relationships with Approaches in Foreign Jurisdictions. Will the Judiciary or Legislature be Persuaded?

Dr Glen Anderson and Prof Tania Sourdin

Rhanee Rego

A Comparative Analysis of Post-Conviction Review Mechanisms in New South Wales, Scotland and North Carolina: Lessons for New South Wales?

Prof John Anderson and Dr Kcasey McLoughlin

Ana Rengel Goncalves

Payment for Ecosystem Services as a Tool to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation of a Federal Scheme.

Prof Lisa Toohey, Dr Marie Hadley and Dr Elena Aydos

Indigo Ryan

Gender Justice and the International World Order: Why Are International Legal Institutions Impervious to Feminist Interventions?

Dr Kcasey McLoughlin and Prof Jim Jose

Jacqueline Sales

Navigating the Complexities of the Australian Family Law System from the Perspective of Carers

Dr Donna McNamara and Prof Tania Sourdin

Prayudi Setiadharma

The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on the Indonesian Innovation System Since TRIPS

Dr David Tomkins and Dr Bin Li

Samuel Berhanu Woldemariam

Forced Human Displacement: Locating Duties to Address Root Causes in International Law

Associate Prof Amy Maguire and Dr Jason

Von Meding

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