The University of Newcastle, Australia

PhD and research masters

The following research degrees are offered by the Newcastle Law School:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Law)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil Law)

Our research strengths

  • Child law
  • Contract law
  • Corporate governance
  • Criminal law and sentencing
  • Environmental law and climate change law
  • Equal opportunity law
  • Family law
  • Human rights law and international human rights law
  • Labour relations law and international labour relations law
  • Legal profession
  • Occupational health and safety law
  • Tort law

Current Research Candidates

Doctorate Title
Mrs Ann AppsWhy Can't We Co-operate? The Impact of Law and Regulatory Policy on the Development and Growth of Co-operative Enterprise in AustraliaProfessor Tania Sourdin, Professor Christoph Antons
Ms Alysoun BoyleWhat Makes a Good Mediator:  Models, Approaches, Skills, Styles and Personal QualitiesProfessor Tania Sourdin, Dr Jennifer Waterhouse
Mr Anthony BrownThe Regulation of the Supply and Promotion of Alcohol in New South Wales: Who Calls the Shots?Associate Professor John Anderson
Mr Anthony BurkeNew Technologies and ADR: An Investigation into the Changing Landscape of Civil Law in New South WalesProfessor Tania Sourdin, Dr Bin Li
Miss Amy EltonAsylum Seekers, Mandatory Detention and Questions of JusticeDr Amy Maguire, Professor James Jose, Associate Professor John Anderson
Ms Vania HoltA Federal Anti-Corruption Commission: Is There Really A Need?Associate Professor John Anderson, Dr Kcasey Mcloughlin
Ms Hasanthi Tennakoon KingsleyInternational climate finance initiatives, climate adaptation policy formulation and their implications for climate resilience and climate justice in developing economies.Dr Elena Aydos, Dr Amy Maguire, Prof Chris Kellett
Miss Brooke MurphyBreaking Free from the Status Quo - the Way Forward for Fiduciary Duties in AustraliaProfessor Tania Sourdin, Dr Glen Anderson
Miss Ana Rengel GonclavesPayment for Ecosystem Services as a Tool to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation of a Federal Scheme.Dr Elena Aydos, Professor Tania Sourdin
Mr Jonathan SaleHarmonisation of ASEAN Labour Laws for Employment Growth: The Philippines and Malaysia as Case StudiesProfessor Christoph Antons, Dr Timothy Connor
Mr Prayudi SetiadharmaThe Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on the Indonesian Innovation System Since TRIPSProfessor Christoph Antons, Dr Rita Matulionyte
Ms Diyana SulimanProtection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Indonesia and MalaysiaProfessor Christoph Antons, Dr Rita Matulionyte
Mrs Katherine WatsonGender Diversity on Corporate BoardsDr Timothy Connor, Dr Kevin Sobel-Read
Mr Samuel Berhanu WoldemariamHuman Displacement: An International Law, Human Rights and Risk Reduction NexusDr Amy Maguire, Dr Jason Von Meding
Mr John WoodwardAn Investigation into Lawyer Attitudes to Mediation Conducted in Connection with Court ProceedingsProfessor Lisa Toohey, Professor Tania Sourdin
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