Junior Finance Academy Stage 3 - Primary School Students (Year 5 and Year 6)

The Greater Bank Finance Academy began in 2018 and was initially designed to assist High School students increase their knowledge and decision making skills about finance and money. Details can be found at www.greater.com.au/uon

It has now been recognised that students in stage 3 will also benefit from early development of financial literacy. This on demand program for stage 3 students is designed for use in the classroom or the home at a time suitable to the instructor and can be paced according to the ability of the student.

The program was created in partnership with the University of Newcastle (theory) and Greater Bank (practical). It can be completed as a stand-alone program or as part of the Children’s University where it is a credited learning destination.

The program consists of four video lessons and editable pdf workbooks for students to complete during those lessons. The video lessons provide the solutions to the workbook activities and are presented by University of Newcastle student ambassadors who are passionate about helping others to better understand money.

These lessons teach the concept of money in a fun way with age appropriate activities. They cover earning money, saving money, and money maths (including spending wisely and receiving change).

At the completion of lesson four a Certificate of Completion can be downloaded and printed.

The four lessons are:

Learning Objectives

Learn about the history of money

Understand the meaning of money words

Describe what can be done with money


  1. History of money
  2. Matching money words
  3. What can be done with money

Stage 3, Lesson 1 Workbook

Learn how to calculate the price of something after a discount

Practice calculating the change we get when buying something

Understand what interest is and how to calculate it


  1. Saving money with discounts
  2. A day at the shopping centre
  3. Calculating interest

Stage 3, Lesson 2 Workbook

Understand that money is earned and not simply given to you

Recognise an odd job and calculate how much money you could earn from doing them

Learn that you can save or spend the money you earn


  1. Three ways to earn money
  2. Earning money
  3. What to do with money!

Stage 3, Lesson 3 Workbook

Understand what saving money means

Compare prices and calculate how much can be saved when buying things

Learn how to make choices when saving


  1. Three things to buy
  2. How much have we saved?
  3. How to save when buying
  4. Family day out!

Stage 3, Lesson 4 Workbook

Once you've completed the above module, click here to download your certificate.

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