We regularly host research seminar presentations showcasing cutting-edge national and international research and highlighting the school’s research links with researchers worldwide.

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10am Friday
12 March 2021

Distinguished Professor Kim Barrett
University California, San Diego & National Science Foundation

Epithelial dynamics and the pathogensis of salmonellosisDr Gerard Kaiko

19 March 2021

No Seminar   

12 noon Friday
26 March 2021

Dr Jessica Buck
Telethon Kids Institute

Optimising radiotherapy for the treatment of paediatric brain tumours

Dr Gerard Kaiko

2 - 9 April 2021

No Seminar


9am Tuesday
13 April 2021

A/Prof Nicholas Vitanza,
Seattle Children's Hospital

Epigenetic and CAR T cell Targeting of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma

Dr Matt Dun

12 noon Friday
16 April 2021

A/Prof Hui Chen
University of Technology, Sydney

Impact of in-utero toxin exposure on liver health

Dr Gerard

23 April 2021

No Seminar


12 noon Friday
30 April 2021

A/Prof Jyotsna Batra
Queensland University of Technology

The genomic complexity of prostrate cancer

Prof Hubert Hondermarck

11am Friday
7 May 2021

Dr Matilde Balbi
University of Queensland

Activity dependent neuroprotection induced by a gamma-range stimulation in the acute phase after stroke

Dr Rebecca Hood &
Dr Daniel Beard

10am Friday
14 May 2021

Professor Eric Schmidt
University of Colorado, Denver Health Medical Centre

The harmful—and possibly beneficial—consequences of alveolar epithelial heparan sulfate shedding during lung injury

A/Prof Nathan Bartlett

12.30pm Friday
21 May 2021

Dr Tina Bianco-Miotto
University of Adelaide

Epigenetic mechanisms in the developmental origins of health and disease

Dr Heather Lee

11am Friday
28 May 2021

Dr Carol Dobson-Stone
University of Sydney

Understanding pathways to dementia: a genetic approach

Dr Kirsten Coupland

11am Friday
4 June 2021

Professor Graeme Zosky
University of Tasmania, College of
Health & Medicine. Deputy

The health effects of early life exposure to short-term, high intensity air pollution

A/Prof Jay

11 June 2021

No Seminar   

11am Friday
18 June 2021

Dr Vincent Laurent
University of NSW, School of Psychology

A novel form of memory mediates the influence of predictive learning on choice between actions

Prof Chris

21 June -
16 July 2021

No Seminar

11am Friday 23 July 2021

Dr Alex Combes
Monash University

Investigating kidney development to engineer stem cell models of human kidney disease

Dr Gerard Kaiko

30 July 2021

Professor Glenn Furuta
University of Colorado &
Colorado Children's Hospital

Do eosinophils in the GI Tract really matter? Updates on potential roles and impacts on patients

Dr Gerard Kaiko,
Prof Simon Keely, L/Prof Nick Talley

*10.25-11.30am* Friday 
6 August 2021

Caves Theatre HMRI

Special Webinar
Professor Katie Allen
Federal Government, Member for Higgins (formerly Paediatrician researcher at Murdoch Children's Institute)

Women in Science and National Leadership

Dr Gerard Kaiko

11am Friday
13 August 2021

Professor Tri Giang Phan
Garvan Institute of Medical Research/University of NSW

Intravital imaging for biological discovery

Dr Heather Lee

20 August 2021

No seminar


11am Friday
27 August 2021

Publications of the Year:
Dr Shafiq Syed & Dr Yuchen Feng

Dr Syed: The quest for the cell responsible for the menstrual regeneration, pregnancy remodeling and cancer of the uterus
Dr Feng: c-Myc inactivation of p53 through the pan-cancer lncRNA MILIP drives cancer pathogenesis


Friday 3 September 2021

Special Webinar
Prof Rohan Walker (Newcastle & Hunter Landscape)
Dr Craig Gedye (Commercial Clinical Trials)
Dr Simon Potter (Spruson & Ferguson, Health & medical research IP)
Prof Mark Flynn (MedTech & Aus Landscape)
Dr David Fox (Venture capital - MTPconnect)
Mr Dave Fleming (Public & private sector collaborations - AusIndustry)

Commercial Medical Webinar: Working with, and in, the private sector

Dr Gerard Kaiko

11am Friday
10 September 2021

Associate Professor Brad Sutherland
University of Tasmania

Is capillary pericyte dysfunction implicated in neurological diseases?

Dr Daniel Beard

Friday 17 September 2021

Professor Wolfgang K├╝bler
University of Berlin, Germany

Lung endothelial barrier failure in ARDS and COVID-19 - pathomechanisms and potential therapeutic targets

A/Prof Nathan Bartlett

20 September - 1 October 2021

No seminar   
8 October 2021 No seminar   

11am Friday
15 October 2021

Dr Samuel Forster
Monash University & Hudson Institute

  Dr Gerard Kaiko

Friday 22 October 2021

Associate Professor Stuart Turville
Kirby Institute, University of NSW

  A/Prof Nathan Bartlett

Friday 29 October 2021

Dr Michael De Silva
La Trobe University


Dr Kirsten Coupland

Friday 5 November 2021

Dr Annabel Sorby Adams
Cambridge University, UK


Dr Rebecca Hood

Friday 12 November 2021

Dr Thomas Kryza
Mater Hospital, Brisbane

Development of a novel theranostic agent for pancreatic and breast cancer

Prof Hubert Hondermarck

*12 noon*, Friday 19 November 2021 - In person seminar

Professor Jeff Holst
University of NSW


Prof Zu Dong Zhang & Prof Hubert Hondermarck

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