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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education (CEEHE) is offering grants of up to $20,000 in 2015 for University of Newcastle staff.


Research or projects are to be carried out under one of the following CEEHE research themes:

  • Culture and Agency: This theme encompasses research and practice addressing equity in the broader cultural context, including issues of cultural competency, dominant discourses in higher education and education more broadly, diversity, difference and inclusion, and Indigenous students. Key areas of focus might include educational aspiration, attainment and identity formation across educational contexts including schooling, enabling programs, TAFE, higher education and lifelong learning. 
  •  Access and Student Experience: This theme encompasses research and practice exploring the student experience in higher education, including issues of access, retention and success, as well as the role of academic and digital literacies in equity. It also explores student experiences of pedagogical and academic practices in relation to access, transitions and 'belonging'.  
  • Community Wellbeing: This theme explores the role of higher education in contributing to equity and inclusion, the wider benefits of education to society at large, and expands the research, evidence base and evaluation of community outreach and engagement projects. This theme also includes a broader conceptualization of pedagogy, for example through dialogic and participatory (eco)pedagogies and methodologies, in relation to wider community-oriented projects of social justice.  
  • Governance, Policy and Practice: This theme explores the social and economic implications of various national educational policies over time for students, families, communities and society, as well as an evaluation of specific higher education policies and schemes and their impact on higher education access and attainment. It will explore the impact of HE policy reform and globalization on equity, diversity and inclusion and the potential tensions between the aspirations and discourses of 'excellence' and 'equity'.

As a unique, collaborative and interdisciplinary 'research hub' the CEEHE is focused on developing a robust suite of multidisciplinary, cutting edge research programs to provide leadership in equity both locally and globally. 

The purpose of the CEEHE Research Seed Funding is to support the development of interdisciplinary research with an explicit focus on equity and a clear connection with one of the CEEHE's four research themes above. 

Applications for funding will open on Thursday May 21 with successful grant holders being notified my mid-late June. 

Funding must be fully spent by December 19, 2015 and there is no carry forward on funding.

Download the application form and full terms and conditions.

The deadline for applications for funding is Tuesday June 9.

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