The University of Newcastle, Australia

Educator celebrated for key advocacy work

Monday, 30 October 2017

University of Newcastle (UON) lecturer in education, Mr David Roy, has been featured in The Educator’s prestigious 2017 Hot List as a notable leader in the sector.

David Roy

The annual list shines the spotlight on the people at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the Australian education sector, highlighting their exceptional work in the field.

Mr Roy has been a pioneer for equal education for all, specifically working towards creating a better future for children with special needs in the classroom.

“Having worked extensively in NSW schools, my colleagues and I have experienced firsthand the issues and challenges facing children with disability and their families.

“We know many good teaching and support staff in our state are being burnt out and we believe deeply that fundamental attitudinal change needs to happen,” Mr Roy said.

Mr Roy and colleagues have worked tirelessly to investigate the current Australian education system and how well it is supporting students with disabilities, rallying NSW parliamentarians interested in the plight.

Their efforts led to an Upper House inquiry into students with a disability or special needs in NSW schools, of which the recommendations are now released and the Government response due next year.

“We believe the system as it stands currently is failing many children, despite the best efforts of parents, teachers and schools.

“From the results we’ve seen so far, we are hopeful the Inquiry may significantly affect future policy, signifying huge benefits for children with disabilities.

“I am honoured to have been featured in The Educator for my work, and am hopeful the recognition will shine further light on the cause,” Mr Roy.

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