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Boost your course results with OPAS

Monday, 12 October 2015

Want to achieve the best possible result while connecting with other students? Sign up to the new Online Peer Assisted Study (OPAS) site and get access to extra online resources, tips and activities that will help you improve your academic performance.


What's OPAS all about?

OPAS is an online site put together by PASS Leaders, current students who have already successfully completed the course. Signing up for OPAS gives you access to:

  • Hints and tips from students who excelled in the course
  • Links to websites, videos and readings to further your understanding of course content.
  • Weekly questions and activities for reinforcing important concepts.
  • Discussion boards and blogs for interacting with other students.

At the moment OPAS is available for the following courses:


HIST1001 HUBS1416 HUBS2520LING1110 MEDI1014/1015
PDTY1202PHIL1060PSYC1000PSYC1020 SOCA1020

How do I access OPAS?

To access OPAS, log in to UONline (Blackboard) and select Online Peer Assisted Study from the 'My Other Sites' list. Sign up to your courses in OPAS and they will appear in "MY COURSES", on the left-hand side of the web page.

And remember, OPAS is not a substitute for attending classes or face-to-face PASS sessions but a complement to help you reach your maximum potential.

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