The University of Newcastle, Australia

UON health and safety update

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tips to stay safe on campus

Group of adults in safety vests on site

Shared bike and pedestrian path etiquette

The newly updated UON paths are shared pathways. Follow our etiquette tips so everyone can enjoy getting around our campuses:

  1. Pedestrians to stick to the left of the path.
  2. Travel at a safe speed and give way to others.
  3. When riding a bike, use your warning bell when overtaking pedestrians.

Reduce slips/ trips and falls 

Be aware of your safety and that of others by following these simple steps:

  • Slow down – ensure that you leave yourself plenty of time to complete tasks and get to meetings.
  • Hold the handrail when going up and down stairs.
  • Concentrate – try to eliminate the need to use your phone while walking
  • Report hazards and log a Maximo request to complete repairs on hazards identified.

The Health and Safety team are here to help. If you have an questions or concerns, call x18847 or visit the website to find out more.

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