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Campus Travel is not far away

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

With only a couple of weeks left before the new Campus Travel System is implemented and Campus Travel commence as UON's dedicated travel provider, there are a few things you need to know.

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Key dates

31 October - 13 November: System testing by a range of travellers, travel approvers and travel arrangers from across the University.

13 - 27 November: Information and FAQs relating to the new system and new travel provider, Campus Travel, including the transitional arrangements for travel booked with our current travel providers in our current travel systems (Trobexis and Amadeus).

20 - 23 November: Training for our high volume users across the University, as well as Webinars for all those interested in learning more about the Campus Travel System. If you would like to contact our Campus Travel Colleagues, Brendan Steel will be the Business Leader located on site as part of the Campus Travel team; with their location to be set within the Commonwealth Bank.

27 November: Project go live. The old travel website will be replaced with the new Campus Travel website. Don’t worry though, it’s the same button.

Reminder: From 27 November, all domestic and international travel bookings should be made through the new system and with our new travel provider, Campus Travel, which you can find within the travel website.

Please take into consideration the upcoming dates when booking travel. If you have any questions, or believe you should be involved in the training, please contact the Project Team -

We will be updating the Travel website regularly.

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