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Tangentyere, Alice Springs

EXHIBITION | Learning from Alice Springs

11am Wednesday, 17th Oct 2018

Over the past 3 years, UON Architecture students and staff have worked with the Alice Springs practice, Tangentyere Design. This unique collaboration...

First 1000 Days: Trajectories to a Healthy Future

6pm Thursday, 25th Oct 2018

We are standing on the shoulders of giants – our understanding of the human body enables us to live longer than any previous generation. Our foc...

Second Cities Symposium Logo

Second Cities: Smaller and Smarter Symposium

3pm Monday, 29th Oct 2018

Second Cities: Smaller and Smarter provides an international platform for airing and contesting leading contemporary thought in urban and regiona...

The 3rd International Conference on Emerging Advanced Nanomaterials (ICEAN)

3rd International Conference on Emerging Advanced Nanomaterials

Tuesday, 30th Oct 2018

The 3rd International Conference on Emerging Advanced Materials (ICEAN) aims to bring together scientists active in the fields of advanced nano and bi...

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Report Launch 'Struggles and Strategies: Does social class matter in higher education?'

1pm Wednesday, 31st Oct 2018

Join Steven Threadgold, Penny Jane Burke and Matthew Bunn in conversation, as they introduce their new research report 'Struggles and Strategies: does...

cindy luken

Startup Stories - Cindy Luken (Luk Beautifood)

8am Thursday, 1st Nov 2018

Entrepreneur, mum and former bikkie maker, Cindy Luken is an inspirational entrepreneur who shares the attitude of zero compromise and living the life...

Testosterone and Male Health - is it all just sex and violence?

6pm Thursday, 8th Nov 2018

Development of the male reproductive system, secondary sexual characteristics and fertility all depend on testosterone. Failure of testosterone produc...

Humanities Startup Workshop

9am Friday, 9th Nov 2018

Do you have the next big idea? The Centre for 21st Century Humanities is hosting a one-day workshop for humanities students, graduates and r...