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chronic pain

Ideas Collider for Chronic Pain

5:30pm Tuesday, 26th Mar 2019

Ideas Collider is your chance to work with diverse teams, build communication, problem-solving and presentation skills in a fun and judgment-free envi...

JTD Cleantech

Join the Dots for Cleantech

5pm Wednesday, 27th Mar 2019

Join like-minded creative business people, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs to stay informed and connected. For March's Join the Dots event, ...

Julie Phillips

Startup Stories - Julie Phillips (BioDiem)

6pm Thursday, 28th Mar 2019

Julie Phillips has been a passionate and vocal advocate for the biotech sector and the opportunity it poses for Australia. Commencing in the industry ...

Severe Asthma in Paediatrics

1pm Wednesday, 17th Apr 2019

As part of our ongoing seminar series, the Centre of Research Excellence in Severe Asthma is pleased to be hosting Dr. Louisa Owens on 17 April 2019. ...