Miscellaneous fees

Follow the hyperlinks to request these services. You will not receive a bill for these items, payment is upfront and payment options are described on each request form.

Item2017 charge
Replacement of student ID card$10 (free for students who can provide a police report regarding theft).
Request for early release of graduation documents$150
Replacement of lost or damaged testamur $150
Review of examination results (appeal against final result) 

JMP students, select this form 
$50 per course (Students who have failed their course and requesting review are exempt from this fee).
Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS)$50 per copy (standard mail within Australia and overseas is free).
Academic transcript

$10 per digital copy or
$25 for a hard copy and a digital copy

Copies of documents from student file (e.g. placement/field reports) $20 per copy.
International student internal transfer application (International students must contact International Admissions via IA@newcastle.edu.au)

First one free.

Subsequent applications charged at $50 per application.

Cross-institutional application $50 per course assessment.
Standard letters (Confirmation of enrolment, enrolment pattern letter, official GPA letter, verification of award) $20 per letter.