The University of Newcastle, Australia

Winter and Summer study

A number of courses are offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students over the University mid-year break, through the Winter term, as well as three opportunities to study over Summer: Summer, Compressed Summer and Late Summer.

These courses are delivered in a shorter, more intensive format.

Be sure to check your program plan before enrolling, as if the course is not part of your degree, this is considered non-award study and fees apply which are additional to your degree costs.

Contact if you are unsure whether a course over the Winter or Summer can be included in your program.

Why study in Summer/Winter term?

Studying over the Summer or Winter term is a great way to catch up on content or a course that you've missed, or to fast-track your degree.

What’s more, with the courses on offer delivered in a compressed fashion – and a maximum of 20 units able to be studied per Summer or Winter term – many students find the term a refreshing change to the usual mode of study.

Video: Why I Loved Summer School

Summer dates

Summer 2020 dates will be released in late semester 2, 2019.

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Winter dates and courses

Course CodeTitle Campus
AART1400Creative Enquiry PhotomediaCallaghan
AART1600Introduction to 3D StudiesCallaghan
AART1700Digital PhotographyCallaghan
AART3780Experimental DrawingCallaghan
ABOR1420Communicating with Aboriginal People Across GenresOnline
AHIS2370Magic and Witchcraft in Greece and RomeCallaghan
BIOL1001Molecules, Cells and OrganismsCallaghan
BUSN3600International Study ExperienceCallaghan
CAPA1030Dynamic Communication and Presentation SkillsNewcastle City
CHEM1010Introductory Chemistry ICallaghan
DESN2002Design Thinking: Creative Tools for Innovation with EmpathyNewcastle City
EDUC1048Becoming a Teacher: Primary and Early Childhood ContextCallaghan
EDUC1070Foundation of Creative Arts for Early Childhood and Primary TeachersPort Macquarie
EDUC1751Knowledge and Communication Technologies
EDUC2515Primary Kinetics 2
EDUC3065Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood
EDUC3810Teaching Science Creative Arts
EDUC4064Assessing and Addressing Learning Difficulties
Port Macquarie
EDUC4203Extended Studies in Health Physical Education
EDUC4800Education in Global Perspectives
EDUC4803Contemporary Literacies and Visual Pedagogies for Classrooms
EDUC4807Educating for Ecologically Sustainable Communities
EDUC4812Sociological Perspectives of Numeracy
EDUC4813Sociocultural Perspectives of Literacy
HUMA2000Humanities Placement: Local and Global Careers
HUSE3003Human Rights in Social Policy and Human Services
LAWS6000Legal System and Method INewcastle City
LAWS6032Advocacy SkillsNewcastle City
LAWS6111Dispute ResolutionNewcastle City
MKTG3004Advertising and Marketing Communications StrategyNewcastle City
MUSI2001Introduction to Guitar
MUSI2002Introduction to KeyboardNewcastle City
MUSI2014Introduction to Guitar 2
MUSI2702Film Music: Soundtrack CreationNewcastle City
MUSI2706Music Digital EditingNewcastle City
SCIE3600International Study Experience
SOCA2065Environment and Society
SOCA3666Consumption and Everyday LifeOnline
SOCA3902Religion and Politics in Contemporary SocietyOnline

2019 Winter term

Enrolments open12pm on Monday 13 May 2019

Start of term (Last day to add a course through myHub without approval)

Monday 24 June 2019

Census date (Last day to withdraw without financial penalty)

Friday 12 July 2019

Term end (Last day to withdraw without academic penalty)

Friday 19 July 2019
ExaminationsMonday 22 July - Friday 26 July 2019
Results released (Fully Graded Date)Wednesday 31 July 2019

How to enrol in Summer/Winter term

If a course is part of your current program, you can enrol in Winter or Summer study through myHub.

Under the ‘my Enrolments’ heading, click the My Summer/Winter Enrolments link (these will only be visible when enrolment for each term has opened).

You will be taken to the My Schedule and Enrolment page, where you can enrol as you normally would in any Semester or Trimester.

Note: courses will only run if enough students enrol in them. You will be notified through your student email if any course in which you have enrolled is cancelled.