The University of Newcastle, Australia

How to enrol

To complete your enrolment you will enrol in your courses in myHub, and then register for your classes and manage class times in myTimetable.

Start planning for your enrolment using your Program Plan and the draft timetable.

Enrolling in MyHub

Course enrolment happens in myHub and you will be advised of relevant opening times.

Your enrolment can be completed in two simple steps:

  1. login to myHub through myUON once enrolment for your course is open
  2. complete your mandatory to do list

Choose your courses for the term in which you are enrolling, adding one course at a time.

You can also go back to myHub at any time to check your enrolment and make sure the correct courses are listed.

One hour after enrolling in your courses, you can register for classes in MyTimetable.

Registering for classes in myTimetable

With classes where there is only one option, you will be automatically put into that class.

There will also be instances – for example, if you are an enabling student – where your classes will be directly allocated.

However, where there are multiple options available for classes, lectures, tutorials, laboratories, practicals etc., you will have a designated period of time during which you can list up to four preferences.

Order your preferences from the time you would most prefer (1) to that you would least like to attend. At the end of the preference period MyTimetable will be closed while the system allocates classes.

After this period, you will receive notification of your classes for the term. You will then have the ability to swap or waitlist classes in MyTimetable.

    Help enrolling

    If you need help at any stage in the enrolment process, first check your Program Plan or watch one of our relevant help videos.

    If you can’t find the answer to your problem, or need someone to assist you further with your query, there are people available to help, by contacting:

    After enrolling

    After you’ve finished the enrolment process, check your Program Plan to ensure you are enrolled in the correct courses for the given stage of your program.

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Program Advice team.

    You can also begin to prepare for attending classes by purchasing text books for the courses you've enrolled in at the Co-op Bookshop.