Each year the University conducts a number of external program reviews that ask all students, staff and any other stakeholders to submit their feedback.

Program reviews

Each year the University reviews a number of its academic programs. The reviews are undertaken by an external panel of experts. As part of this process all students, staff and any other stakeholders are asked to submit feedback and suggestions about the programs under review.

Your feedback ensures that programs at the University of Newcastle remain contemporary and that we deliver a quality learning experience that meets everyone's expectations.

Prior to each program review, all students and staff will receive an email asking them to submit their feedback.

Upcoming Program Reviews Review dates Submissions close

Master of Mental Health Nursing, Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice), Master of Applied Management (Nursing)

Terms of Reference (PDF, 146KB)
Submission Guidelines (PDF, 93KB)
Student Submission Guidelines (PDF, 84KB)

External Review Summary Report

1 - 2 December 20 November 2015

Master of Midwifery

Terms of Reference (PDF, 51KB)
Submission Guidelines (PDF, 124KB)
Student Submission Guidelines (PDF, 124KB)

6 - 7 July17 June 2016

If you've missed the submission dates, you can always provide general program feedback to Ask UoN.