Student email

NUmail - your student email

When you enrol you are automatically given access to a range of accounts including NUmail, our student email service.

You can access NUmail using a web browser. You can also get there using links in the myUON student portal.

Official University correspondence to students will be sent via this email account, so you should check your NUmail account regularly.

Click here for information about getting started with NUmail.

When you sign in to your NUmail account, you must use the format, and your University password.

Your email account, or mailbox, is a combination of your student number (a unique seven digit number allocated to you by the University, preceded by the letter c) and the email system domain name ( -

You are also given an email alias which is an email address that points to your mailbox, usually in the format This is often an easier way of giving people your email address. Confirm your email address.

Email addressed to you in either of the following formats will be delivered to your NUmail inbox:


Email sent from your NUmail account will be in the format:

Firstname Lastname <>

All use of student email must be in line with the University Computing and Communications Facilities Conditions of Use Policy and the Electronic Mail (Email) Policy.

For more information view the Getting started with NUmail article in the IT Services Knowledge Base.

Your NUmail password is linked to your myHub password.

To change your NUmail password, simply change your myHub password in Online Services - My Computer Accounts. This change will automatically flow through to NUmail, ensuring that your password is always the same across all University systems.

More information about passwords.

You can access your NUmail account a few different ways.

  1. Via the Internet - there are a number of links on the UON website that connect to the NUmail site eg. myUON. You can access the login page directly by typing from any computer with Internet access, including general access or lab computers on campus.
  2. Install an App on your smart phone, tablet or wireless device - visit the App Store for your phone and download an Outlook App.
  3. Use the Mail feature on your iOS, Android or Windows phone - follow the instructions below to do this.

The steps to connect an iOS, Android or Windows phone or tablet are similar. You will need to enter the following information during setup.

Email account:This is the letter 'c' then your student number followed by
Email address:Generally this is your, but you should confirm this in myUoN. Confirm your email address
Password:Enter your myHub password
Description:NUmail (this is optional but will help identify this account as your UoN email if you have other accounts set up on your device)

Basic Setup Instructions

  1. Open Settings (iOS and Windows) or Mail (Android) application
  2. Add an email account and select 'Exchange' (iOS and Android) or 'Outlook' (Windows) account type
  3. Complete the addition of your NUMail account by entering your email address, password, server name and description as directed (see above).

You can select different account options for checking, syncing and keeping email on your phone. These choices will impact your data usage if you are using a device with a cellular data plan.

Step by step instructions

Below are step by step instructions for each operating system.

More detailed instructions are available at Microsoft's Mobile Phone Set up Wizard– select the operating system and the set up instructions for Exchange.

As part of your student email service, you are also given access to a personal account with additional features. See features of your NUmail account for more information.

Did you know that even when you graduate from the University of Newcastle you get to keep your email for life? For your account to transition from student to alumni successfully you will need to add a secondary email address to your personal information in myUON (this cannot be your University email). You need to do this before you graduate. This will allow you to manage your email account, reset your password, and continue using your email in the years to come.

Please note: after you graduate, when your ‘grace period’ comes to an end, your email will go through a transition from student to alumni. At this time, your emails may be inaccessible for up to 24 hours while our systems make  updates to your account.   Don’t worry, they will be back!

If you need help setting up or reconnecting your email, contact IT services by logging a ticket in or call 02 4921 7000.