Leadership Pledge

At the University of Newcastle, we have been committed to gender equality for many years but it is time to increase the rate of progress. There is more we can and must do to ensure gender equality is given the attention it deserves.

The UON Gender Equality Leadership Pledge is a commitment to do three things:

1. Make gender equality a priority

I commit to actively supporting organisational initiatives that drive gender equity and equality. I pledge to being alert to my surroundings and will engage in open conversations to foster a inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

2. Lead by example

I commit to driving change by demonstrating appropriate behaviour and being a positive role model for all. I pledge to communicate my commitment to gender equality broadly, lead by example and be accountable for demonstrating inclusive behaviours.

3. Take the Panel Pledge

I understand that a lack of diversity limits the quality of conversations and potential outcomes. I commit to the Panel Pledge to improve gender balance in forums or on panels that I host or participate in.

Sign up to take the pledge

Thank you for your support in driving toward a more equitable future for all. An information pack will be emailed to you.