Your voice matters

Staff input and feedback is important as we navigate change in and around the organisation to achieve our goals and ambitions.

The voice of our workforce is helping to shape the UON experience.

In focus: A good start at UON

Feedback from across the organisation indicates that new staff experiences at UON can vary greatly and are dependent on a range of factors. Ensuring all staff have access to the information they need to get started at UON will be a combined effort, between faculties and divisions.

Targeted information for new starters

Faculty of Health and Medicine

The Faculty for Health and Medicine took feedback around the induction process on board in 2015 and developed three distinct booklets aimed at providing new starters with ready access to the information and resources they need to get started in their roles. These are provided in hard copy and online.

Academic Staff induction bookletConjoint Staff induction bookletProfessional staff induction booklet

For more information, contact Elaine Terry

Moving to an online induction module

Human Resources Services is currently reviewing and revamping its induction course, which from early 2016 will be offered as an online module.

For more information, contact Lisa Fairlie

We've been listeningYour Voice survey 2014

The scale and scope of the Your Voice Survey makes it a very powerful tool for staff to influence the UON experience. A number of programs and initiatives exist at UON as the direct result of staff feedback via the survey.

You wanted better communication across UONIntroduced In the Loop newsletter and Meet your Executive sessions
You wanted more opportunities for career progression at UONDeveloped the Leadership Framework to give clarity to capabilities and behaviours of current and future leaders
You wanted a culture where unacceptable behaviour is not tolerated and there are procedures in place to handle complaintsBuilding a Respectful and Collaborative Workplace
You wanted a healthy work environmentLaunched Healthy UON
You wanted to the right people matched with the right jobsReviewed and improved recruitment processes and practices