Communication is key

Across the organisation, initiatives to drive communication and collaboration among staff are making real headway.

Building a Collaboration Platform

IT Services, Resources Division

Sharepoint LogoTo support more collaborative practice and open communication across teams, units and the organisation broadly, the IT Services team is working toward a pilot release of the Collaboration Platform (built on Sharepoint).

During 2015 the project team facilitated workshops with Faculty and Divisional representatives to understand business requirements. An RFP was developed to engage a suitable vendor. The first phase of the project is underway to deliver a digital enterprise workplace solution to enable stronger collaboration and knowledge sharing within the University of Newcastle. The Collaboration Platform will connect staff with their colleagues, provide information and productivity tools needed to perform their work and securely share information with others.

For more information, contact Anthony Molinia

Understanding the role of the Executive Committee

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

Feedback in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment in 2014 revealed a limited understanding of the role of the Executive Committee and indeed who sat on it. In response, the Faculty's PVC unit has introduced an evening meet and greet to which a member of the EC is invited to speak to staff.

Over wine and cheese, Faculty members have learned about the role of several EC members (Professor Liz Burd, Professor Kevin Hall and Professor Brett Ninness) and have had an opportunity to ask questions. According to PVC Professor Brett Ninness, the sessions have been very positively received and numbers are growing and further sessions are planned.

For more information, contact Natalie Downing

Rising to the challenge

Resources Division

Improving communication both within the Resources Division and with other areas of University of Newcastle has been a priority since the 2014 Your Voice survey results were reported.Resourceful Newsletter header

The division, which employs over 500 professional staff in diverse roles, now produces a quarterly divisional newsletter (Resourceful) as a means of keeping staff connected. At the leadership level, a rotating roster has been introduced for the fortnightly senior management team meetings, which encourages greater participation and engagement between the organisational units which make up the division. These forums also facilitate opportunities for Resources Division staff to network with the senior management team, and provides opportunities for them to engage directly with the Chief Operating Officer, Mr Nat McGregor, in an informal setting.

Across the organisation, the Division is always looking for ways to foster good communication and collaboration. Scheduled attendance at Faculty executive meetings by Nat and the divisional directors provides an avenue for current and potential issues to be identified and actioned, and helps to ensure the Resources Division is providing the professional services support required to enable the University's realisation of its teaching, learning and research and innovation goals. In 2016, the Division will look to expand and improve how it engages and communicates with the University of Newcastle, by inviting leaders from across the organisation to participate in their staff forums, to share information and build relationships.

For more information, contact Rachael Laybutt