Experimental Oncology


Lecturer Jude Weidenhofer

PhD Students

Joshua Brzozowski, Helen Jankowski

PhD completions

Danielle Bond, Crystal Naudin

Co-supervised Students (FScIT)

Benjamin Munro (PhD), Melanie Predebon (Honours)


The research focus is on improving cancer patient outcomes and quality of life.

The research seeks to achieve this by unravelling the role of extracellular vesicles in the process of metastasis.

Through characterising the make-up of these extracellular vesicles the group hope to identify a biomarker as well as a means to target the delivery of current chemotherapeutics specifically to cancer cells.

In collaboration with other local, national and international researchers they are also searching for more effective anti-cancer agents that are hidden within a biodiverse range of organisms.

Key Aims:

  • Identify a molecule within human body fluids that can predict disease and/or disease outcome for cancer patients
  • Improve patient quality of life through the generation of targeted delivery of treatment and the development of novel treatments for cancer patients