Inclusive Education and Disability Studies

Why a PhD or Research Masters in Inclusive Education and Disability Studies at Newcastle?

Inclusive education and disability studies supervisor Michael-Arthur KellyThe University of Newcastle (UON) is home to the Centre for Special Education and Disability Studies.

If you're thinking about a PhD or Research Masters in Inclusive Education and Disability Studies, then Newcastle will provide you with a supportive network of world-class researchers and educators.

Research in this area is focussed on education and support for people with complex needs including severe and multiple disability. Aspects of particular interest include quality of life, communication intervention, the needs of individuals with challenging behaviours, and inclusive practices.

Special Education and Disability Studies researchers at UON have a strong track record of peer reviewed publications in this research area and in related domains of teacher education and development.

What you can research

Expressions of interest welcome in applied research centred on exploring improvements in educational provisions and overall quality of life for people with complex trajectories are welcome. Projects are invited in the following areas:

  • Quality of life
  • Behaviour state assessment,
  • Communication intervention inclusion,
  • Classroom and behaviour management

Research methodologies

Mixed methods as appropriate to the specific research questions guiding the investigation.

Find a supervisor

Before you apply, contact a supervisor for discussion on possible research projects. This will allow you to frame your proposal to align with established disciplines and areas of supervisor capacity.

  • Professor Michael Arthur Kelly: behaviour; communication; inclusion; positive behaviour support
  • Dr Gordon Lyons: classroom management; contemporary models of pedagogy; decision making by and for individuals with severe intellectual disabilities; inclusive education for students with additional needs; persons with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviours; quality of life for children with profound multiple disabilities; school-wide approaches to student discipline/welfare; teacher training / education

How to apply

Current graduate studies in Inclusive Education and Disability Studies

There are a number of research projects being undertaken by graduate students in the areas of Inclusive Education and Disability Studies at Newcastle. Take a look some of the current topics:

  • Evaluating the Inclusive Implementation of Evidence-Based Support Strategies Associated With Children With an Autism Spectrum Disorder Across Australian School Based Settings
  • The Effects of Positive Behaviour Support: Professional Development for Teachers of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Vietnam