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The Faculty of Education and Arts at the University of Newcastle, Australia, is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in Australia. Our diversity and deliberate focus on collaboration, facilitates research outcomes that have high impact locally, nationally and internationally. Our mission is to create and share knowledge to inspire, enrich and transform humanity.

Our critical mass of research excellence is focussed around our three core centres:

Education and Arts Research Groups

Research Groups and Networks

The Faculty of Education and Arts also support has a number of Research Groups and Networks. We have placed a deliberate focus on building teams to escalate research intensity and build excellence and practical research outcomes. Our Groups and Networks advance research in Creative Industries, Humanities and Social Science, and Education by bringing together established and new researchers, brokering cross-disciplinary initiatives, hosting visiting researchers, and fostering collaboration... find out more about our Research Groups and Networks.

Research in education, creative arts, the humanities and social sciences provides an essential framework for the analysis of and insight into the social, cultural and political challenges facing us today. The rankings of the Faculty of Education and Arts at the University of Newcastle reflect our international reputation for quality in these areas... read more about our research achievements.

World top 100 ? for Education
World top 150 ? for sociology
Top 250 ? in the world for English language and literature
95% Employed ? within four months of graduating

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