Creditor Applications

The University has adopted a policy of dealing with its suppliers by electronic means and as such provision of supplier banking details and email addresses are mandatory requirements.

The benefits to suppliers of this policy include:

  • Improved security - avoiding potential loss, theft or misappropriation of cheques;
  • Improved cash flow - funds are received and immediately cleared to the supplier's nominated account no matter which institution they deal with;
  • Immediate advice of payment - remittance notices are forwarded immediately upon payment of the supplier's account.

All suppliers wishing to do business with the University are required to provide the information listed on the University's Creditor Application Form.

No supply is to be made to the University or a controlled entity of the University prior to gaining an approved creditor account.

Please not that proposed suppliers will not automatically be approved as a creditor of the University: for example where a supplier operates in competition to an approved contracted supplier.

Supplier Personal Information and Privacy

Your Privacy

The University will only use a supplier's details provided on the University's Creditor Application Form for the purpose of managing and settling your account with the University.

Security of Personal Information

Personal information that we hold on our system is protected through the use of secure passwords and other security procedures. Access to personal information is limited to those who specifically need it to conduct their business responsibilities.

The University also maintain physical security procedures to manage and protect the use and storage of paper records containing personal information.

Staff are responsible for handling personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act. We educate our staff about the requirements of the National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act.

Creditor Application Process

The creditor application process is :

University staff member contacts Treasury Operations to commence the assessment process for a supplier to become a creditor of the University.

  • If the supplier is approved to become a creditor:
    1. Treasury Operations provides the University Creditor Application form to the supplier and advises staff member that the form has been sent.
    2. Supplier returns the completed form to Treasury Operations.
    3. Treasury Operations create a creditor account in the University Finance System and advises the supplier and the University staff member that the application has been successful.
  • If the application is unsuccessful, Treasury Operations advises the University staff member that the application for the supplier to become a creditor of the University has been unsuccessful.

Treasury Operations can be contacted on:
Phone: 02 434 94546