Graduates of the Bachelor of Design (Architecture) go on to work in fields associated with the building needs of work, home and public life.

Bachelor of Design (Architecture)

Career opportunities

Our Graduates Get Jobs

Our graduates are successful and in high demand. In 2012, 93.9% of our architecture students were employed at the time of graduation (Course Experience Questionnaire 2012). Also, our Architecture and Urban Environment graduates gave their degrees an overall satisfaction score of 87%, placing us well above the average and in the top 3 institutions in the country (Australian Graduate Survey 2011).

Graduates of the Bachelor of Design (Architecture) will:

1. A thorough knowledge of Architectural fundamentals and the principles which underpin them so as to operate effectively with comprehensive and well-founded skills.

2. An ability to inform their practice through knowledge of historical and cultural precedents, as well as their own experience.

3. An ability to apply design theories and methods to their projects.

4. Utilise effective communication skills, including verbal, written and visual strategies, to communicate design & technical information both in the process of collaboration & to convey information.

5. Be responsive to the societal issues and the needs of the users of their designs.

6. Inform their design through a knowledge of structures, materials, construction and service systems.

7. Apply their knowledge of professional, business, financial and legal contexts within which built environments are procured.

8. Inform their actions through their knowledge of natural systems and the built environment.

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Careers by major

Bachelor of Design (Architecture) graduates will be able to find employment in architectural practice or general design fields, but to be professionally recognised as an architect, students will need to move into the Master of Architecture upon completion of the degree.

The following list provides example job titles that are typical for graduates of the Bachelor of Design (Architecture). Some of these jobs may require additional study and experience to meet the entrance requirements.

Not everyone uses their degree in the same way and the transferable skills gained through university study may allow graduates to pursue a range of careers that might not be directly linked to their study. Below is a sample list of job titles that might be suitable for someone with the skills gained during the Bachelor of Design (Architecture).

Practical Experience Achievers