The University of Newcastle, Australia

Supervisory team

Your team of supervisors is your most important support network during your higher degree by research program. The University considers consistency in supervision throughout candidature to be a key feature of ensuring successful and timely completion. However, there may be circumstances in which changes to supervisory arrangements should be considered. These include, but are not limited to:

  • a new direction for the research project that warrants additional/alternative supervisory expertise
  • unavailability of a supervisor due to long-term absence or change of employment
  • a conflict of interest which disqualifies a supervisor
  • irreparable difficulties in the relationship between the candidate and supervisor that seriously threatens successful and timely completion and/or the wellbeing of the candidate and/or supervisor.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to raise issues of concern, and to seek to resolve such matters before they become irreparable. The Head of School Nominee should be consulted on any issues that are arising between you and your supervisors that are impeding your progress. The Assistant Dean (Research Training) is the senior academic officer overseeing HDR in your Faculty and is available as an alternative point of consultation.

Should the circumstances warrant, changes to supervisory arrangements are to be initiated by the candidate. The Supervisory Changes form must be completed by the candidate and approved by the new supervisor. The form will then be returned to the candidate to be submitted to Graduate Research at . GR will arrange for approval by the relevant Head of School and Assistant Dean (Research Training).