Research Strategy Group (RSG)

The Research Strategy Group (RSG) is a working group that reports to the Research Committee (RC), which meets monthly to:

  1. Develop strategic research initiatives
  2. Provide leadership and input into external reviews and opportunities
  3. Advise the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation on the allocation funds under the University’s internal research grant schemes
  4. Provide a forum for the Research and Innovation Division to communicate initiatives to faculties and receive advice and feedback’
  5. Provide policy advice to the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation as required.

The current membership includes:

Chair interim Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin
Assistant Deans (Research) Faculty of Business and LawProfessor Jamie Carlson
Faculty of Education and Arts Professor Ron Plotnikoff
Faculty of Engineering and Built EnvironmentProfessor Craig Wheeler
Faculty of Health and MedicineLaureate Professor John Attia
Faculty of ScienceAssociate Professor Alister Page