Electric Vehicle Charging

The university is investing in sustainable transport though the installation of electric vehicle charging stations across Callaghan campus.

Our charging infrastructure strategy is aimed at helping our community meet the challenges of transitioning to electric vehicles. As an electric vehicle-friendly campus our community can be confident the infrastructure is in place to support the vehicles’ growing popularity.

The electric vehicle charging stations we are installing will be free for users for an introductory period. The units are a fast charge powering vehicles in approximately four hours*

Aligned to our sustainability commitment, the electricity used to charge vehicles on campus is provided by 100% renewable sources thanks to our sector leading electricity supply agreement with Red Energy.

* Charging time is dependent on the vehicle make and model as well as the battery size and state of charge.

The Project FAQs

Ownership of electric vehicles has been modestly increasing in recent years but is predicted to grow in the next decade. Along with local councils we are committed to supporting the growth of electric vehicle take up in our region.The stations will also assist the university as we move our fleet vehicles to electric vehicles and help contribute to achieving our carbon neutral by 2025 target.

The project budget is $500K, the majority of which is allocated to the design and installation of the civil and electrical infrastructure to cater for future growth.

Initially four dual charging stations will be installed on campus however, demand for EV vehicles is growing and we have built the in ground and above ground infrastructure to accommodate an additional 42 stations at the current locations.

We are installing Schneider EVlink dual port charging stations across our campuses.

As of 1 January 2020 the University of Newcastle’s electricity is sourced from 100 renewable sources through our electricity supplier – Red Energy. For more information on our sustainability commitment, visit sustainability.

Using the Charge Stations FAQs

For an initial period, staff, students and members of the community can charge and park their vehicle for free (for the first 4hrs) whilst the vehicle is actively charging. Once charged, the owner of the vehicle will need to return to their car and move to another car park where usual parking on campus rules and fees apply.

During the initial trial period, users of the charging stations will not be charged for parking, you will however have to return to your vehicle once it is charged. If you choose to relocate your vehicle somewhere else on campus you will have to pay for parking subject to the University’s Traffic and Parking Rules.

The University will initially roll out four dual charging stations across two sites at its Callaghan campus with two more dual stations to be installed at NIER later in 2020.

These charging stations are located at the University’s Callaghan campus. Our charging stations will be in carpark 4, carpark 6 and carpark 17 (4th qtr. 2020).

We are installing Schneider EVlink dual port charging stations across our campuses.

Our charging stations are compatible with every electric vehicle available in the market today. The stations have a Type 2 charging socket which is the Australian standard. Mitsubishi and some pre 2018 EV’s use a Type 1 plug however these vehicles can still use our chargers with an adaptor (usually provided with the car). Users will need to bring their own lead.

This is dependent on the vehicle make and model as well as the battery size and state of charge. The Schnieder EVlink fast charger has a rated power of 22kW. An estimate of the time required to charge your car from 0% - 100%:

Nissan LEAF     4.5hrs
Hyundai Ioniq    5.5hrs
Hyundai Kona   8.9hrs
Tesla Model 3   8.3hrs

Users of the EV charging stations at the Callaghan campus will need to download the Chargefox App to operate the charging stations.

  1. Download the Chargefox App and set up your account
  2. Drive to campus and park your vehicle in the charging bay. Pay attention to the parking signs and any time limits
  3. Charge your vehicle for free*. Your charging history can be accessed using the Chargefox App.
  4. Detailed operating instructions for the stations are available at chargefox.com/charge

Anyone with an electric vehicle can use the charging stations on our campus. Parking is only permitted in the bay while the vehicle is actively charging. Once charging is complete you must move your vehicle from the Electric Vehicle charging parking bays. Fines will be issued to those who park in the designed ‘EV Charge’ spaces when not charging their vehicle.

The charging bays are designated only for use by electric vehicles that are in the process of charging.

For operating issues please call Chargefox on 1300 518 038 or visit chargefox.com

Electric vehicles are an emerging form of transport. This project supports the growth of electric vehicle uptake by making charging accessible, not just for our staff, but for everyone in the community.

Electric vehicles charged from our charging stations will be powered by 100% renewable electricity and thus provide emission free transport. These vehicles are also quieter and more efficient at converting the energy into movement.

This depends on the type of vehicle and the capacity of the battery. Refer to your vehicle operating manual for this data.

The University of Newcastle acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands within our footprint areas: Awabakal, Darkinjung, Biripai, Worimi, Wonnarua, and Eora Nations. We also pay respect to the wisdom of our Elders past and present.