The University of Newcastle, Australia

Rural school receives first-ever university visit

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Laguna Public School near Cessnock received its first ever visit from the University of Newcastle recently, with the AIM HIGH Program delivering literacy and science activities over nine weeks.

Science beakers set up on school veranda

AIM HIGH supports students from diverse backgrounds to access and successfully participate in higher education.

During the visit, school students in Year 4 and 5 met with current University students and learnt about different career and degree options.

Laguna Public School Principal, Craig Howe, said the students got a lot out of the visit and still talk about the lessons in class.

“The students responded very positively to the programs and were enthusiastic and engaged. I believe that spending time with the University Crew Members and learning about their careers has really sunk in with the students and makes the thought of university and a career less abstract,” Mr Howe said.

Year 4 students got hands on with the Careers Through Science program, participating in activities like making lava lamps that encourage students to be curious learners and work scientifically.

Year 5 students were involved in the Careers Through Reading program, with small peer groups rotating through a different book each week that explored topics such as travel, animals, friendship and different cultures.

“While the visits have only just been completed, we often bring up stories or experiences from the visits, such as the career options, the broader benefits of reading and scientific enquiry, as well as further education. Being a rural school, we welcome any opportunity to bring in ‘the outside world’ and open our students’ mind to the vast array of possibilities for their future,” Mr Howe said.

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