The University of Newcastle, Australia

Joyce Canaan Seminar

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Professor Joyce Canaan, Professor of Sociology at Birmingham City University, kicked off the CEEHE's Seminar Series for 2015 with an investigation into how critical pedagogy and other strategies can be used to build more equitable and participative universities in Australia.

Academics at the Joyce Canaan Seminar

Hosted by Dr Sara Motta, Equity Ambassador for the CEEHE research theme Governance, Policy and Practice, the seminar brought together academics, students and staff from all faculties and schools across the UON.

Professor Canaan's seminar built upon the historical experience, everyday practices, and co-created knowledges of participants from across the university to map these tensions but also to share the ways in which the university community creatively navigate these in their equity work.

"This is the first in a series of seminars that seek to make visible the unique equity praxis at UON as a means to stimulate further critical reflection, policy development and innovative research," says Dr Motta.

"As marketisation in higher education intensifies, in both the global and Australian context, so do the tensions and contradictions in the equity agenda."

Governance, Policy and Practice is one the four CEEHE research themes identified to foster interdisciplinary, innovative and collaborative research programs and projects.

Thank you to Professor Canaan, Dr Motta the Discipline of Politics and IR and the Faculty of Business and Law for your support.

The next CEEHE seminar will be announced shortly.

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