The University of Newcastle, Australia

New network creates cross-disciplinary fusion of gender, generation and culture

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Gender, Generation and Culture research network is a new initiative of the Centre for 21st Century Humanities at the University of Newcastle, led by Centre member Dr Patricia Pender (pictured - English and Writing) with Dr Akane Kanai (Sociology) and Dr Sara Motta (Politics).  The new network, which was established in January is designed to link scholars actively engaged with issues of gender, generation, and culture across the university.

“University of Newcastle scholarship in these fields is currently flourishing,” states Dr Pender, “especially in the Humanities and Social Sciences. But we don’t always know our colleagues in different fields.”

Gender, Generation and Culture Research Network members (from left): Dr Akane Kanai, Dr Trisha Pender and Dr Sara Motta

“The Humanities has a lot to offer the hard sciences on issues of gender,” she continues, “and vice versa.  Imagine what we could do if we brought all that talent together!”

As Dr Motta explains: “Our vision for the network is that we might co-create the conditions of possibility for the re-emergence of a multiple feminist and feminised scholarship that can contribute to social justice and equity both in and outside the university.”

"We want to make sure that we are all acquainted with each other's research strengths, and through this network, provide a means of tackling pressing social questions relating to gender and cultural change through interdisciplinary approaches," says Dr Kanai.

The Centre for 21st Century Humanities, itself an innovation on the research scene, is pleased to sponsor the new network. Centre members like Professors Lisa Adkins (Sociology) Victoria Haskins (History), and Ros Smith (English and Writing) are leading scholars in their fields worldwide.

“Emerging scholars and postgraduate students can learn an enormous amount from them,” said Dr Pender, “and that’s what the network sets out to do.  We want to harness all those fabulous resources – of energy, commitment, and knowledge – so that scholars who work on gender do not have to constantly reinvent the wheel.”

The GGC network is open to all interested Faculty and HDRs, and is intended to create connections between those who are doing work in this interdisciplinary area of research.   We hope to facilitate public engagement, cross-faculty collaboration, research and grant opportunities, and provide mentoring for HDRs and ECRs working in these fields.

For more information please contact Dr Trisha Pender.