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Request a Student Mentor

Friday, 15 July 2016

Starting uni is an exciting time but it can also be a bit challenging. Sometimes you need someone else to show you the ropes so you can feel more comfortable. We’ve recruited some students who are in their second year of uni or above to help do just that. Student Mentors will help you adjust to uni life, find your way around campus and let you know all that UON has to offer.

But what exactly does a student mentor do? Well, they’ve just been in your position, so they know how you’re feeling. They offer support and tips for becoming comfortable with uni and successfully navigating your way through student life.

Student mentors can help you by:

  • Providing support and advice, plus referring you on to the right people if you find yourself in the deep end and in need of more complicated help.
  • Keeping in contact with you via email each fortnight from Orientation until week six of semester. By then you’ll be in your element and completely comfortable with uni life.
  • Catching up with you for a coffee and a chat to provide a friendly connection on campus. You’re not alone, and our student mentors can make you feel less overwhelmed!

You don't have to go it alone. Sign up for a student mentor here.

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