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Starting conversations and resolving issues

Monday, 27 February 2017

Helping students to access information and support will be much easier thanks to a new online referral system developed by Student Central.

Through ASKUON, Student Central provides advice and support to students, the community and staff members. However, students often rely on program convenors, course coordinators, lecturers and tutors as their first port of call for information about all areas of UON.

With so many services and expertise available at UON, it is not always obvious where to send a student to get support, Student Central’s Academic Registrar, Gail White said.

“The online referral form is an easy way for academic and other school staff to refer a student to Student Central without needing to know which section or individual is best placed to help,” she said.

The electronic form is available on the UON website and by entering a few details, allows staff to request support and advice on behalf of a student.

Once the form is submitted, the team at Student Central assesses the situation and coordinates the appropriate action. The staff member making the referral can still be involved in helping to resolve the issue by indicating that on the referral form.

“For students with an issue, sometimes it is difficult for them to seek direct assistance.  By having the staff member make the referral to Student Central, the ball is in our court to take the next step – not the student’s,” Gail said.

“This process aims to start more conversations so that issues can be resolved. We believe that most students will be grateful for the assistance.”

The referral form was conceptualised by the Student Central Leadership Team and developed in collaboration with several sections of Student Central. The design and implementation was led by the Digital Development Team.

View the referral form

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