The University of Newcastle, Australia

Research project participants wanted

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Participants wanted for research about the sources of meaning in life and people’s beliefs about the meaning of life.


If you have ever wanted the opportunity to think about and reflect on the sources of meaning in your life and your beliefs about the meaning of life then this research project may be of interest to you

To be eligible you will need to be a University of Newcastle academic staff member (minimum undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree), an Australian citizen or resident, and be aged between 40 - 60 years and have EITHER :

* never had a diagnosis of mental illness, OR
* have been diagnosed with depression

Your involvement will include taking up to 20 photographs of the most meaningful things in your life and writing about the meaning of life, completing a questionnaire about mental health then attending one or two half hour interviews

Project information flyer

If you are interested please contact Xanthe Glaw at for a participant information statement

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